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Larry Johnson, D.C.

Larry A. Johnson, D.C.


Dear Migraine Sufferer:


Are you ready to put a stop to your migraine headaches once and for all? I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how frustrating and unbearably painful they are. If you’re like most people suffering with migraine headaches, your quality of life is probably not as good as you would like it to be. Having treated countless migraine headache patients for over 25 years, I can imagine how difficult this must be for you.


Fortunately, there is a solution for migraine headaches. It took me a long time to put all the pieces together, but I have discovered how to permanently put an end to migraine headaches and I am making the solution available to you. This is the last information about migraine headaches you will ever need.


The Migraine Headache Cure Will Change Your Life Forever…Guaranteed!


This site is more than just a plug for my patented Soothe-A-Ciser Headache Relief Cushion, a pillow that I developed about 20 years ago to help headache sufferers. The Soothe-A-Ciser has sold like hotcakes on the QVC Home Shopping Network and is listed in virtually every major chiropractic catalog in existence. It is being used worldwide by doctors, patients, and even a celebrity or two. But right now I want to bring your attention to something totally different. I am here to tell you about my unique and effective 4-step process that can permanently put an end to your migraine headaches once and for all.



I am now “enjoying life again and looking to the future”


It Changed My Life

I want to say how happy I am that I purchased this program. The day I purchased it was a day when I suffered a migraine aura while shopping. One of the first things that I learned was that a certain food additive was probably the cause as I had eaten something that very day which contained the additive. I had been looking for answers for years and I finally found the information. I would recommend anyone to buy this program because it has valuable information which you will be surprised by. Thank you so much from a happy customer who is now enjoying life again and looking to the future.
– Jackie



“Dr. Johnson’s 4-step program for
curing migraine headaches is pure genius”


Pure Genius Testimonial

Not only did my last migraine go away after using one of the natural treatments in the book, but Dr. Johnson’s 4-step program for curing migraine headaches is pure genius and absolutely what I needed to know. I feel very confident that I can finally cure my headaches once and for all, thanks to The Migraine Headache Cure.
– Glenda from Arizona



I’m Dr. Larry Johnson, D.C. and I have treated more than my share of patients suffering with migraine headaches. I have seen the desperation and frustration in more migraine sufferer’s eyes than you could imagine. Believe me when I say I know what you’re going through. Migraine headaches can be totally disabling.


I have worked side by side with medical doctors and had lots of opportunities to discuss migraine headaches with them. I have questioned them about their migraine headaches treatment methods and watched as they attempted to give their patients relief. After questioning and observing them for many years I have made some hard-to-believe conclusions, but…



You Need To Hear The Truth…
Many Medical Doctors Don’t Have A Clue When It Comes To Migraine Headaches


I know this is hard to believe, but it’s true. They know all about migraine symptoms and how to diagnose the migraine condition, but their treatment approach always seems to be the same for every patient… give them some painkillers and cross their fingers that the pain goes away. They treat the symptoms, but never do anything to correct what’s causing the symptoms.


In the beginning, I didn’t understand why they treated their patients in this manner. But after talking with and observing these doctors for awhile, it all became clear to me. Did you ever wonder why a doctor prescribes a specific drug for a specific disease or disorder? The answer will shock you, but let me tell you what I learned from the doctors working in my office.


Pharmaceutical companies give doctors free samples of their drugs quite often. When a patient has a health problem the doctor will often give them the sample drugs and then see if they work. The drugs that work best with the fewest side effects will be prescribed again for other patients while the ones that don’t work will not. Whether you like it or not, people just like you are often guinea pigs, testing out potentially dangerous medications.


Pharmaceutical companies are big businesses, doing what they can to make the most profit possible. And I understand this. The more they can convince doctors to prescribe their drugs, the more money they make. For this reason, they provide tons of advertising and free samples to promote their medications to these doctors. Here’s the problem: Why would pharmaceutical companies and doctors want to find a natural cure for migraine headaches when they were making billions of dollars manufacturing and prescribing drugs? Why would anyone want to come up with a migraine solution that would put them out of business?


To be fair, most medical doctors are really good people and do a great service. But when it comes to migraine headaches, they don’t have many options other than prescribing painkillers. Unfortunately, even at their best, pain medications are a way to relieve pain temporarily. They do nothing to stop future migraine headaches from wreaking havoc in your life again and again and again.


But this is just the beginning. It gets a whole lot worse. In addition to being used to relieve the pain for a very short time, they can also be extremely dangerous as well as addicting. The drug companies don’t want you to know this, but it’s absolutely true.



Painkilling Medications For Migraine Headaches
Are Much More Dangerous Than You Can Imagine


You may find this hard to believe, but about 106,000 people in the United States die each and every year as a direct result of taking medications. And this number pales in comparison to worldwide statistics. And this isn’t just from strong prescription medications; this includes deaths from common over-the-counter drugs that you have probably taken many times for your migraine headaches.


People are dying every year from taking migraine painkillers such as Excedrin, Advil, Motrin, and others. People looking for pain relief instead find death. It’s time you knew the truth.


But there’s a lot more to over-the-counter painkillers than just death. The same painkillers that are used to relieve migraine headaches can also cause many serious diseases. The head of nephrology at Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. William Bennett, estimates that over-the-counter medications, the ones you are probably taking, cause as many as 25,000 cases of end-stage kidney disease in the United States alone.



Painkillers Do A Lot More Than Cause Death:
They Are THE Major Factor In Developing Chronic Pain


When a chronic headache sufferer continues to take painkillers, the headaches at some point start being caused by the drug. The very medications that are designed to relieve the pain become the main factor in promoting the development of the pain. Two-thirds of all chronic headache sufferers are increasing the intensity of their pain instead of relieving it by taking painkillers. It’s time you finally heard the truth. This is TOTALLY INSANE!



There Are More Triggers For Migraine Headaches Than You Can Imagine


All the benefits of modern technology come at a very steep price. We have many wonderful conveniences that make our lives easier, but these also cause us additional stress, worry, and anxiety. Just imagine how much stress is caused from our jobs, traffic congestion, crime, finances, social problems, allergies, and many other 21st century additions to our lives. There never seems to be a time to relax. We can take the internet with us wherever we go on small portable devices, causing information overload. Our cell phones never stop ringing. These stresses are a major cause of migraine headaches and other health disorders, but there’s not a whole lot we can do to change technology. Fortunately, there is a great deal we can do for migraine headaches.



Migraine Headaches Can Be Completely Eliminated
Without Resorting To Dangerous And Addictive Painkillers


For over 30 years I have researched, studied, and treated patients who suffered with migraine headaches. It took me a long time, but I have been able to develop a simple process that can provide you with permanent relief from migraine headaches. Not just for the next week or two, but for the rest of your life. Finding the solution was very difficult because there is a lot of bad information out there. But I have developed a fool-proof system that will help you solve your migraine disorder once and for all. All you have to do is put it into action.



It’s Time To Stop Throwing Your Money Away On
Dangerous Painkillers That Will Never Solve Your Problem


Painkillers do a lot of harm. They cause increased pain, disease, addiction, and even death. Do you want to continue risking your health for a little bit of potential relief? The best that pain pills can do is reduce the pain temporarily, but they will do nothing about preventing future migraine headaches. Plus, this temporary relief comes at a very high cost. Just imagine what else you could be doing with all the money you’ve spent on painkilling medications. And just imagine how much more money you’ll be wasting if you don’t put an end to your migraine headaches soon.



Migraine Is A Very Serious Health Disorder
And Not Merely A Headache



“Migraine headaches are one of the most common problems seen in emergency departments.”
–  emedicinehealth


“Migraine is the most common form of disabling headache that sends patients to see their doctors.”
–  womenshealth.gov



Spending money on painkillers and other useless treatments is one thing, but if you don’t stop your migraine headaches now, they can lead to more serious health disorders later. Painkillers will do their fair share of damage, but migraines can lead to many severe health problems that will be much more harmful than migraine headaches.



If You Suffer With Migraine Headaches
You Are At An Increased Risk Of:




Stroke (two to eight times the risk)

High blood pressure

Heart attack (more than double the risk)

Subclinical lesions in the brain

Heart disease

Increased cholesterol levels



Progressive brain damage


Chronic depression

Lung disease (obstructive pulmonary disease)

Panic attacks






Migraine causes one out of every four strokes in people under 45. People who experience migraine headaches have double the risk of stroke when compared to people who do not have migraine headaches. And women who experience migraines are 8 times as likely to suffer a stroke as women who do not suffer with migraines, if they are on the pill. If you want to quit risking your health and eliminate your migraine headaches once and for all, I can show you how to do it.



“NEVER Allow Migraine Headaches
To Turn Your Life Upside Down Again!”



My 4-step process for curing migraine headaches is totally unlike anything else you have ever seen. You cannot find this valuable treatment information anywhere else at any price. My unique process for stopping migraines took decades to develop and is something the drug companies do not want you to know. My effective system will change your life forever.



Have you ever tried to imagine what life would be like if you could get rid of your migraine headaches? You will never experience migraine headaches again. You will never need to pay for expensive painkillers again. You will lower your risk of developing serious health disorders. You will never have to live in fear of another migraine attack. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, you can achieve these things. It’s doable. And my successful 4-step system will show you exactly how to achieve a migraine-free life in the comfort of your very own home.



Without Migraines:



You WILL NEVER need to suffer through another migraine attack again

You WILL NEVER need to live in fear of when your next migraine attack will occur

You WILL NEVER need to worry about having a stroke or developing heart disease from migraines

You WILL NEVER need to spend your hard-earned money on painkillers for migraines again

You WILL NEVER need to risk experiencing dangerous side effects from migraine painkillers again

You WILL have an increased amount of energy

You WILL be able to enjoy your life again






Finally, A Treatment That Can Put An End
To Your Migraine Headaches Once And For All
Using A Safe, Natural, And No-Cost Treatment Approach…



Selected quotes



Once you begin to put my 4-step system into action you will immediately understand why it is superior to any other migraine treatment you will find anywhere at any price. The difference is that my 4-step process for curing migraine headaches really works!



“Got rid of my headache in a jiffy!”


Testimonial from Sally


I am a total skeptic when it comes to things like this, but when you get desperate for headache relief you’re willing to give just about anything a try. I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I tried one of the natural treatment approaches in The Migraine Headache Cure and actually got rid of my headache in a jiffy. In my opinion Dr. Johnson’s book is a “must read” for anyone who suffers with migraine headaches. There are a lot of natural and unique treatment methods in the book that I had never heard about before. I almost want to have another headache just so I can try some of the book’s other fascinating treatment approaches. I am so grateful for The Migraine Headache Cure. Anyone who gets migraines is missing out if they don’t read this book.    – Sally, Utah




Once You Download My Revolutionary 4-Step Process
For Permanently Stopping Migraines Forever, You Will
Never Need To Search For Migraine Information Again


The Migraine Headache Cure and my 4-step system for curing migraine headaches took many years to develop. I gathered and compiled the information from decades of study, research, and my own personal experiences through treating patients with migraine headaches. Everything I know about migraine headaches is completely revealed in this book and was developed using what I refer to as The 4 Cornerstones of Migraine Headache Relief:



4 steps for curing migraine headaches



My unique system for permanent relief from migraine headaches is a 4-part approach. Until you have had time to cure your migraine headaches, you need to understand methods that will allow you to control, relieve, and prevent episodes that might appear. The process as revealed in The Migraine Headache Cure can stop migraine headaches extremely fast, but to be perfectly honest, it won’t cure the migraine headaches permanently in just a few days or a week. For this reason, it’s possible that you may experience a migraine attack before you are completely cured. If this happens, it would be beneficial if you knew how to control, relieve, and prevent migraine headaches until you were cured of the disorder permanently.


CONTROL MIGRAINES: My original 4-step process will allow you to control your migraine headaches. Controlling your migraine headaches means you will be able to prevent the pain from intensifying.


RELIEVE MIGRAINES: You will learn how to use effective and time-proven strategies to easily relieve migraine pain fast. Most of these strategies are unknown to the general public. Just these relief techniques alone can improve the quality of your life in ways you can only imagine.


PREVENT MIGRAINES: Discover how to prevent migraine headaches using amazing methods that the general public is unaware of. Preventing migraine headaches is actually not that difficult and is much easier than you have been led to believe.


CURE MIGRAINES: All of the secrets about migraine headaches that I have spent years discovering and developing will be fully revealed. This will allow you to permanently put an end to your migraine headaches once and for all. Everything you need to know is contained in The Migraine Headache Cure, including my unique and effective 4-step procedure for curing migraine headaches. Many of the “so-called” experts tell us that migraine headaches cannot be cured, but don’t you believe them for a second. You have been lied to.



You Have Been Lied To: Migraine Headaches CAN Be Cured!


I don’t care what anyone else has told you. Migraine headaches can be cured by following safe, natural, and effective treatment methods, and without resorting to dangerous drugs. You cannot cure migraine headaches with painkillers, only natural treatment approaches. Just ask my father if migraines can be cured. He suffered with migraine attacks until he was in his mid thirties and then began using a similar treatment approach as described in my book. He is now 82 years old and hasn’t had a migraine for more than 45 years. If this isn’t “cured” I don’t know what is. But I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.


As you can see, I get furious when people tell me migraine headaches can’t be cured, because my experiences are telling me the exact opposite. I’ll admit there is no “medical cure” for migraines, because “medical cure” implies drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, and other counter-intuitive methods. These approaches will certainly not cure migraine headaches. However, natural methods are a totally different story.


My 4-step process attacks the root of the problem, the cause of the migraine headaches. It doesn’t require you to spend your money on useless and dangerous medications that will at best give you temporary relief. My system will help correct the underlying cause of your migraine headaches which can give you permanent relief.





When it comes right down to it, you only have two choices when it involves treating your migraines. And the only person who can decide which approach to use is you. You are the only one that can take responsibility for your own health. And your choice will effect how you feel for the rest of your life. Here are your two choices:




You can continue treating your migraines as you have done in the past, using conventional treatment approaches. But let me ask you this question: How have these conventional approaches worked for you so far? Since you’re reading the information here on my site, I can only assume your results have not been too good. If you continue using the same approaches you have always used, do you really think your results will ever get any better? In all likelihood, they will continue to get worse over time. Plus, if you don’t stop your migraines now, you will increase the risk of having a stroke, heart disease, heart attack, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other potentially life-threatening diseases. Does it really make sense to continue using these traditional approaches?



Your second choice is to try a new approach. The old one got you nowhere, so why not try something different? It’s time to take control of your own destiny. Stop your migraine headaches permanently by using my simple 4-step system, a safe and natural treatment method for curing migraines forever. Taking this approach can result in a migraine-free life. And isn’t that what you’re after?





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If you want a proven system for stopping migraine headaches permanently, my effective 4-step process as revealed in The Migraine Headache Cure is what you need. Others have already found relief; why not you?




“I am so thankful that someone finally wrote a
book that is actually helpful for people with migraines.”



Testimonial from Brian

I have never seen such a thorough and comprehensive headache book in my life, and believe me, I have seen a lot of them. The Migraine Headache Cure has all the information you could possibly want in a migraine headache book. There are tons of safe and natural treatments, most of which I had never heard about before. Plus, the 4 steps to cure migraine headaches makes so much sense I’m sure anyone wanting to get rid of their migraines will be able to do so. I am so thankful that someone finally wrote a book that is actually helpful for people with migraines. – Brian, Arizona





Here Is A Small Taste Of What You Will Learn In The Migraine Headache Cure, 124 pages of the best migraine information you will ever find anywhere at any price:



How To Determine Which Type of Migraine You Suffer With – There are several types of migraine, each with their own unique symptoms. Discover how to effectively identify which type you have so that you can prevent them from ever happening again.


How To Stop Hormonal Headaches Forever – Learn everything you need to know about menstrual migraines. If you are a woman that has never experienced a menstrual migraine, it doesn’t mean you never will. These unbearably painful headaches can begin at almost any age. Learn how to stop them permanently using safe and natural treatment methods. This is a very important topic and is why I include a detailed step-by-step natural and safe approach on how to end menstrual migraines forever.


What “Migraine” Really Means – “Migraine” is not just a headache, but a complicated medical condition that can result in serious health problems or diseases which can be much more dangerous than you realize. Learn how to put my 4-step process into action so that you can prevent all health problems associated with the migraine disorder. If you don’t stop your migraines now it could end up costing you your life later.


How To Incorporate Proven Migraine Headache Relief Methods That Are Safe And Natural Into The 4-Step System For Curing Migraine Headache Pain – You will find more than 50 safe, natural, and effective treatment methods in my book. And I will show you how to use these methods in conjunction with my 4-step process to stop your migraines once and for all. The general public is mostly unaware of these methods, but you will have them all revealed to you. Once you are cured of migraines forever, these methods of relief will no longer be needed.


How To Get Long-Lasting Results Without Using Drugs – Let’s face it; drugs are extremely dangerous. Learn how to get permanent relief from migraines without spending another dime on useless, dangerous, or addictive drugs. Remember, painkillers actually increase the pain in two out of every three chronic headache sufferers. Learn the truth about migraine medications and how you can put an end to your migraines without them, using a safe and natural approach.


How To Eliminate The Root Cause Of Your Migraine Headaches – If you want to completely eliminate migraines from your life, there is only one way, and it’s not by taking pain pills. The only way to stop the continual migraine attacks is by eliminating the root cause. My effective 4-step process will allow you to eliminate the root cause. And once the root cause has been eliminated, you will never have to suffer through another migraine attack again..


My Successful 4-Step System For Completely Eliminating Migraine Headaches For Good – Everything you need to know to stop your migraines forever is included in this system. If you simply put this system into action you can stop your migraine headaches once and for all. The entire process is based on decades of migraine headache research, study, and personally treating countless migraine patients.



This is just a tiny bit of what my book will reveal to you. By simply following my easy-to-understand step-by-step method, you can completely change your life. Plus, you can get started right this minute by downloading The Migraine Headache Cure. The Migraine Headache Cure and my 4-step process for curing migraine headaches is:



The Most Effective, Successful, Complete, Safe, and Natural
Treatment Approach Ever Developed To Eliminate Migraines


No matter how many painkilling medications you swallow, they will NEVER prevent your next migraine attack. The only way that migraines can be stopped permanently is by eliminating its root cause. And if you want to stop your migraine attacks forever you need to put my effective 4-step process into action, a system that was developed for one reason, and one reason only, to eliminate the root cause. And this life-changing information can only be found in The Migraine Headache Cure.


Are you ready to stamp out your migraine pain once and for all? If you are, it’s time to take action now. And to make it easier for you to click the order button I am also going to give you 5 FREE BONUS GIFTS valued at $243, but only if you order today!




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4 steps to a migraine-free life



How to eliminate menstrual migraines



The Migraine Diary



Surprise Gift



Copies of all books optimized for printing




The Migraine Headache Cure
Will Save You A Lot Of Money!



Once you have put an end to your migraine headaches by incorporating my 4-step treatment program you will NEVER have to spend another dime on useless painkillers again. Start saving money today by ordering now.


If you are serious about putting a permanent end to your migraine headaches you should drop everything you’re doing and start putting my system to work for you right now. I honestly can’t think of one reason why any migraine sufferer would not want to start putting my system to work for them today. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else at any price. This unique and effective system can only be found in The Migraine Headache Cure.



But there’s even more…


As if The Migraine Headache Cure and the 5 FREE Bonus Gifts were not enough, I can even do better. I am also going to give you the strongest guarantee possible. When you order my system I will back it up with an unconditional no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee. If you feel that my system is not everything I said it was, or that it is not right for you in any way, you can simply request a refund anytime during the next 60 days and I’ll quickly return every cent you paid for it. There is absolutely no risk on your part. I am taking all the risk. Plus, you can even keep The Migraine Headache Cure and all the bonuses for free.



Money back guarantee



For much less than the cost of visiting a doctor one time, or buying a few meds, you can discover how to cure your migraine headaches permanently using a proven, safe, and natural treatment method.


I don’t care if it’s 3:00 in the morning, you can still download my system now. Once you order, you can start putting my system to work for you immediately. You will be able to download everything instantly.









The complete Migraine Headache Cure system       



So What Will You Receive With Your Order?


1. The Migraine Headache Cure: This 124-page encyclopedia of migraine information will give you complete and easy-to-follow instructions for putting a permanent stop to your migraine headaches using my safe and natural approach.

2. 4 Steps for Curing Migraine Headaches: This separate book shows you step-by-step how to easily and effectively incorporate the 4 steps for curing migraine headaches into your life.

3. How to Stop Hormonal Headaches: Discover how to stop menstrual migraines using a step-by-step safe and natural system. Unfortunately, if you’re a woman that has never had menstrual migraine headaches before, it doesn’t mean you won’t get them in the future. Learn how to prevent these hormonal migraine headaches before they happen. This book is a must-read for every woman. This single book is worth more than the price you’re paying for the entire system.

4. The Migraine Headache Diary Workbook: Most people maintain headache diaries incorrectly, which will lead to overlooked triggers and wasted time. Learn how to accurately locate migraine triggers and how to most effectively avoid them.

5. Special Surprise Bonus: This book will put all of the pieces of my 4-step system together for you in an easy-to-understand format. After reading this book you will know exactly what to do and when to do it, making it easy to stop migraine headaches. Following the guidelines in this book will help you achieve faster results that will last the rest of your life.

6. Black and White Copies Of Each Book: You will receive separate copies of all books that have been optimized for printing. You will be able to print these books out for easier reading while saving tons of printer ink.

7. And so very much more!



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I have been in the business of helping people eliminate migraine headaches for a very long time. I know how to stop migraines permanently and I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and incorporate my successful 4-step system into your life while the price is still low.


Yours to a migraine-free life,

Dr. Larry A. Johnson, D.C.



P.S. You will not find this information anywhere else or at any price. The only place you can get hold of my system is right here.


P.P.S. There is no reason to continue suffering with your migraine headaches. You have a full 60 days to use my system. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just ask for a refund and you will receive it promptly. No questions asked. Plus, you will even be able to keep the entire system for free. This is the best migraine relief product available anywhere at any price and I stand behind it 100%.


P.P.P.S. My low introductory price may not be available tomorrow because I will be raising the price very soon. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t delay ordering. Download my complete system now before I raise the price.










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