2 Little-Known Ways to Stop Chronic Migraines

Many migraine headache sufferers are looking for natural ways to put an end to their chronic migraines. They are tired of taking drugs that may cause unwanted or dangerous effects. Discover 2 little-known natural remedies for chronic migraine headaches that have given many people relief from their pain.

To be given the distinction of being chronic, daily headaches must have been present for at least 3 months and occurred a minimum of 15 times during each of those months. If they occur less frequently than this they are considered episodic. Chronic headaches can be debilitating and are experienced by an estimated 3-5% of the world’s population.

Chronic migraines are considered primary headaches because they are standalone. They are not associated with any other health disorder, but are themselves the primary condition. A typical migraine headache will be characterized by a moderate to severe throbbing pain that occurs on one side of the head with the pain intensifying during strenuous activity. Accompanying the pounding can be nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to bright light, and other symptoms. Additionally, visual disturbances, called auras, are commonly experienced by migraine sufferers.

There are many ways to stop migraine headaches that do not require the use of drugs. However, what works for one person may not work for another. Since most natural methods are safe it makes sense to try different remedies until a successful one is found. Below are 2 methods you may not have heard about that have shown success in relieving chronic migraines in some people.

1 – Fish oils can stop the pain

Fish such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon contain the essential fatty acid called omega 3. New studies are now showing that fish oils containing omega 3 may reduce the frequency and duration of migraine headaches in some people. Since this research is still ongoing the general community is unaware of the possible benefits of this fatty acid.

To get the greatest benefit from omega 3 you cannot simply start eating fish, but must take it daily as a nutritional supplement. Large doses are required and eating fish will not supply enough fish oils to provide relief.

It is best to stick with salmon instead of other types of fish because they are usually a cleaner fish. When buying omega 3 make sure you get salmon fish oil that it is certified as being 100% free from any pesticides, toxins, or heavy metals.

2 – Filtering drinking water can eliminate migraine-causing chemicals

There are two ways that water can cause chronic migraines in some people. First, not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration which can cause headache symptoms. And second, chemicals in the water may be the cause of migraine headaches in some individuals.

To cure dehydration it is a simple matter of drinking more water on a daily basis. Every body is different and will require differing amounts of water for optimum health and well being. Although 64 ounces may be an average amount, smaller people may need less and larger people may need more.

Chemicals in drinking water, especially nitrates, can cause chronic headaches. Nitrates are inorganic chemicals that are found pretty much everywhere including the ocean, freshwater, soil, and air. Excessive nitrate levels are often found in ordinary tap water and can cause chronic migraines.

Animal manure, fertilizers, and sewage contain high levels of nitrates and can contaminate drinking water. Eliminating them from the drinking water is as simple as using a water filter. Have your drinking water tested for nitrates. If it contains excessive amounts of nitrates you should get a filter that will remove it. Keep in mind that there may be other chemicals in water that can cause migraine headaches or other health disorders, so filtering your drinking water may be beneficial even if the nitrate level is within a safe range.