10 Tips for Getting Natural Migraine Relief Fast

In spite of what some people may think pain killers are not the only way to stop migraine headaches. It is often possible to achieve natural migraine relief without resorting to dangerous or addictive pain medications. And many natural approaches for relieving migraine headaches can even be more effective than drugs, especially over the long term.

Most people realize that pain medications can often cause unwanted symptoms, some of which may be worse than the pain they are intended to relieve. For this reason more people are searching for natural migraine relief as an alternative to consuming potentially harmful pain killers. There are many natural migraine relief options, but they won’t all work for everyone. Some may work for some people while others may work for other people.

If you experience migraine headaches and do not find relief from the first natural treatment method you try, do not get discouraged. It may take awhile to find one that works for you. And there is no reason you cannot try several approaches at the same time. Sometimes a combination of these treatment options will help more than a single approach. Here are 10 methods that may help you achieve natural migraine relief.

1 – Lie down in a dark room. Relaxing in a dark room can accomplish two things. Many migraine sufferers are sensitive to bright light so lying down in a dark room will eliminate pain caused by this light sensitivity. Additionally, the more you move around the faster your heart will beat, causing an increase in the throbbing pain. Lying still can help relieve the throbbing pain caused by excessive movement or activity.

2 – Avoid bright light. Even if you cannot find a nice quiet place to lie down it will still help if you can eliminate the bright light.

3 – Place a cold wash cloth or ice pack on the back of the neck at the base of the skull. This will decrease the amount of blood flow to the head which can help relieve the pain. When using an ice pack be sure to place a thin moist barrier between the skin and the ice. This can be some damp paper towels or cloth. Additionally, putting your feet into a bucket of warm water can help move the blood toward your feet and away from your head. This is a great way to achieve natural migraine relief.

4 – Place a cold wash cloth or ice pack on your forehead or temples. You can increase the effect by placing your feet in warm water as stated above.

5 – Take a warm bath or shower. This is another way to increase blood flow to your body instead of your head. It also has the added benefit of relaxing muscles which can also provide natural migraine relief.

6 – Massage tight muscles. Gently rub any muscles of the neck, shoulders, face, and head using the pads of your fingers. Be firm, but gentle, and rub in a circular motion.

7 – Avoid stressful situations. If a specific activity is increasing your tension, cancel that activity. Reducing worries and anxiety can help provide natural migraine relief.

8 – Take niacin. There are two types that are commonly available: niacin (vitamin B3) and niacinamide. Niacin, taken in sufficient amounts, will cause a person to flush (turn red) which in turn will cause an overall warm feeling and possible itchiness. The usual flush and itchiness can be a small price to pay for migraine headache relief. Niacinamide is similar to niacin, but will not cause as much of a flush.

9 – Stimulate pressure points. There are two pressure points located just below the base of the skull, one on each side of the spine and about 2 or 3 inches apart. Either press or squeeze these two areas to release endorphins. This can often help relief pain.

10 – Do not exercise. Any strenuous activity or exercise can increase the throbbing pain. By avoiding exercise you will be able to avoid the pain caused by it.

The purpose of most of these tips is to decrease the amount of blood flow to the head. When the blood vessels of the head dilate (become larger) it causes headache pain. Decreasing the flow of blood to the head can reduce the amount of pressure and thereby relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches.